On 4/15/19 I had the pleasure of having my hearing checked at the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions Office in Paramus, N.J.
The visit, reception, testing, and review of results were all excellent and gave me much needed direction to help in the correction of my gradual hearing loss.
When my hearing aids came in the use orientation and follow-up adjustment visit was also informative, precise and professional.
I am very pleased with the results along with my wife, children, grandchildren, and associates at work.
In the future, I will highly recommend your facility to anyone in need of similar services.
Thanks Again,

Dr. Pat Biondi recently sat down with Linda who is a patient at the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions Mahwah office. "Before I had them, I thought they'd make me appear older. What I realize now is... it makes you look more with it - and younger!" .

James is a new hearing aid wearer. James is a former law enforcement officer and has been dealing with hearing loss and tinnitus for many years. James has been able to enjoy watching TV and Baseball again and is enjoying the use of phone apps. The hearing aids have also been able to assist with the ringing from tinnitus.