After a couple of weeks, David noticed a significant improvement in his hearing after wearing his hearing aids. A musician for decades, David appreciates all that he can hear now, and wishes he'd taken the steps to care for his hearing earlier in life.


Every member of the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions team has been wonderful to me and more importantly they help me with my continued hearing loss for the past 20 + years when I first met the owner Dr. Pat David Biondi.  Although I no longer see him on a regular basis, I know that his extremely high level of excellent service continues on by his staff.  I can honestly say that every member of his staff has always been there to help me in a very patient and caring manner.  They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and I never have to wait long for an appointment. The office is very clean, warm comfortable, nicely arranged and an excellent selection of complimentary coffee and teas are available. I have never had the feeling that they are trying to sell me a new pair of hearing aids because their major focus is to help me to obtain the best hearing possible.

Of course, my Audiologist April Egarian, Au.D., F-AAA  as everyone knows, is the best Audiologist in New Jersey!  

Donald C. Wassum    2/26/2019

Dr. April Egarian, Audiologist at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions recently sat down with Lois in the Paramus, New Jersey office.

Lois has had hearing aids for 6 years and they help her to do her job as a nurse better.