Jared recently sat down with Renee at the Cedar Crest office of Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions. Renee is a new hearing aid user, and is happy with the availability of Jared and being able to hear clearly in crowded settings.


Dr. April Egarian sat down with patient Dondy for over a year. She's enjoyed the services provided by the audiologists and staff at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, and being able to hear properly with her hearing aids

A recent thank you letter received at our office:


At first, having hearing loss in both ears was challenging and difficult; but, the staff at Audiology & Hearing Solutions in Clifton, N J helped ease my concerns.

I want to say thank you to the entire staff beginning with Pam, the receptionist. They have all been friendly warm and always very accommodating.

I especially appreciate Jared for always taking the time to explain my questions about the hearing aids and for always seeing that I have whatever I need to hear better and thus improve my quality of life.

Jared is very kind and professional he is sincerely interested in your needs and doesn’t force things on you.  He goes out of his way to be sure you are comfortable with your decisions from what to buy to how to properly use and maintain your hearing aids.

I feel truly blessed to be affiliated with this awesome group of professionals. They are so amazing at what they do and I am and will always be grateful for them.

Forever grateful,

Rosemary H.