September 30, 2014
Dear Jared,
I'm 52 years old and I hardly thought I would need hearing aids so soon. My family noticed that I said "what?" more frequently. I noticed that I needed to pay closer attention in order not to miss any of the conversation. I went for an evaluation for a baseline, fully expecting to hear that I would at some point need hearing aids, but not now. Jared clearly explained the results as well as the benefits to having hearing aids sooner rather than later.
I am very pleased with my new hearing aids. The world is not louder, but brighter. It's almost as if the treble has been turned up and everything is more crisp and clear. I find myself more relaxed, less worried about missing something.

Thank you, "Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions,"
-D. Haight, Belleville, NJ

September 2, 2014
Dear Mr. Talarico,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Susan Russell, and Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions for demonstrating their outstanding customer service.
My experience with Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions has been very good. This is because of Susan Russell and Jared Talarico for being outstanding people. They are absolutely professional for Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions. I personally feel that without them, Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions would not be the same.
Respectfully yours,

-I. Cohen, Clifton, NJ

June 20, 2014
Dear. Dr. Biondi,
Jared Talarico represents your firm outstandingly. He listens well, understands the problem and resolves it. He is very pleasant to deal with. I met him on his first day in the Wayne office and he was a welcome change. Today I stopped in unannounced. He took care of me during his lunch hour, exchanging pleasantries like a person who enjoys his clients.Jared is a class act that should be rewarded.

Yours Truly,
Steve S., Wayne, NJ