Romana talks about how she is able to hear everything with her new hearing aids! She also shares her positive experience at the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions office after 2 years of searching for a quality provider.


There are two reasons that I am writing this. The first is to thank Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions and Dr. Pat Biondi for changing my life now that I can hear people and the television once again! What a difference when you get the proper hearing aids and have a doctor who really knows what he is doing and what you need.


The second reason for this is to warn seniors and others who may be fooled into thinking that those hearing aids advertised for less than $200 is nothing but a scam. I was convinced that the hearing aids I purchased from Walmart was going to work just as well as the hearing aids I first looked at from Audiology. After weeks of waiting for this supposed hearing aids, I opened the package and both my daughter and I tried to figure out the instructions on how this was to be setup. It was impossible to figure out these instructions. We then realized that these were not real hearing aids and I began the process of trying to get my money back. It took a while but I finally did get the $193 I spent on worthless aids.


If you are having a problem hearing, don’t rely on the advertisement of "cheap" hearing aids. Go to a professional and get fitted properly. Again, thank you Dr. Biondi and your professional staff.


Sincerely, SS


Ron talks with Dr. Biondi about his positive experience at the Haskell office. Playing in a rock band for many years compromised Ron's hearing but through the use of hearing aids, he is able to hear music again.