Every Door Direct May Paramus Morristown center image onlyDid you know that there are many health connections that can be connected to hearing loss? These hearing loss comorbidities are conditions that have links to hearing loss, meaning if you have these health issues, you may be at a higher risk for hearing loss, and vice versa.


Age-related hearing loss affects more men than women and while permanent, is treatable with hearing devices.

Cognitive Decline

Hearing loss may be associated with changed brain structure and reduced brain volume.



Hearing loss occurs almost twice as often in adults who have diabetes than in those who don’t, likely due to inner ear changes caused by high blood sugar.



For those 60 years and older, the severity of the untreated hearing loss is closely related to the risk of dementia, perhaps due to shared brain pathways.


Heart Disease

Low-frequency hearing loss and heart disease may be related, due to the inner ear’s sensitivity to blood flow.


Kidney Disease

An estimated 54% of American adults with chronic kidney disease have hearing loss, possibly caused by toxins related to kidney failure.


Risk of Falls

Hearing loss can cause diminished spatial awareness or reduced attention capacity – which can increase the risk of falls.


Vision Loss

Decreased sensory awareness from vision and hearing loss makes daily living activities more difficult and may put personal safety at risk.