In the United States over 36 million people are affected by hearing loss, but fewer than 20% seek treatment. Why is that?

Hearing impairment comes with problems other than not being able to hear the sounds around you. Problems such as social stigma contribute to the belief that people who wear hearing aids are old, less intelligent, mentally ill, or only hearing what they want to hear.


A study from the University of California revealed that hearing loss stigma and the choice to seek treatment is directly related to three factors:

  • Alteration of self-perception
  • Ageism
  • Vanity

Wearing hearing aids was found to negatively alter the self-perception of study participants. They perceived themselves differently and worried about how they would appear to others while wearing the hearing aids. Typically, men tend to view hearing aids as a sign of weakness and women view them as a sign of aging.

Thankfully, due to the development of small, even invisible hearing options, that factor of vanity is quickly receding.

Why You Shouldn't Avoid Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing aid stigma may be an influencing factor in the denial of professional hearing treatment, but what people don’t understand is the profound effect hearing loss can have on your health. A study from Johns Hopkins Medical discovered that a mild 25dB hearing loss can increase falling risk three-fold.

Hearing loss also plays a role in accelerated brain tissue loss and the development of dementia.

Making the decision to seek hearing treatment can be difficult, but it will greatly improve your quality of life. If you or someone you love is experiencing hearing difficulties, call us at 888-473-8702 to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Clifton, Haskell, Mahwah, Morristown, Paramus, or Pompton Plains, New Jersey.