In order to find the best solution to treat your unique hearing loss, we need to evaluate both the type and degree of your hearing loss.

At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, we’ve been providing comprehensive hearing healthcare and personalized treatment options to residents of the Clifton, Haskell, Mahwah, Morristown, Paramus, Pompton Plains and Pompton Lake areas in Northern New Jersey for over twenty-five years.

We perform extensive hearing evaluations to determine the type and degree (or severity) of your hearing loss. Audiometry is the specific test that measures the degree of your hearing loss. For this test, you will enter a sound-proof booth, where we’ll measure your hearing threshold, the volume of sound that is just barely audible in each ear. We measure volume in decibels (dB), and the pitch, or frequency, is measured in hertz (HZ). These results are placed on an audiogram which represents your degree of hearing loss and may vary by ear.


Degrees of hearing loss range from mild to profound:

  • Those with mild hearing loss may experience difficulty hearing people speak in soft tones. Background noise and distance also propose a challenge.
  • With moderate hearing loss, holding conversations is often challenging, even at close range and without background noise.
  • Those with moderately severe hearing loss find participating in group discussions difficult.
  • Normal conversation is no longer possible in any environment with severe hearing loss.
  • Those with profound hearing loss may not be able to understand speech, even with amplification.


At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, we offer treatment options based on the type and degree of your hearing loss. Some hearing aids are better suited for a particular degree of hearing loss. Recommendations are made to suit your personalized needs as well as your lifestyle and budget.

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