Tips For Wearing Masks With Hearing AidsBehind-the-ear hearing aids and mask straps aren’t always compatible. You run the risk of tampering with wires and tubing, and you may even lose a device when you remove your mask. Here is a list of tips so you can wear your hearing devices and mask with ease.

Mind Where You Remove Your Mask

Taking your mask off in a parking lot will make the hunt for a dislodged device quite an affair. Only remove your mask in certain places like in your vehicle or at home. You’ll reduce the number of places you have to search if you lose a hearing aid. Remove your mask in open spaces at home, too, so you won’t have to search under the sofa or chase a loose device under the dining room table.

Use Masks With Ties

Masks with fabric ties are more comfortable to adjust than masks with elastic loops for your ears. The ties can be placed above and below your ears and secure behind your head so that they won’t interfere with your hearing aids.

Hook Masks On Your Hairstyle

Style your hair in a ponytail or bun and use it to anchor your mask. The hairstyle will angle the mask loops above your hearing devices and won’t agitate your ears.

Make Mask Extenders

Use a length of fabric, bendable plastic, or elastic to create an extension for your mask. Sew buttons or create notches at both ends of the extension and place it at the back of your head before you hook on your mask.

Use A Headband

Sew buttons onto a cloth headband to anchor mask straps. The buttons can be sewn on the headband in front of or behind your ears, depending on your preference, to keep mask loops away from your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Clips

Manufacturers make alligator clips that attach your hearing aids to your clothes, so you won’t lose them if they fall out when you remove your mask.

Use A Paperclip In A Pinch

You can loop mask straps around a large paperclip behind your head to extend the loops and move them away from your devices.


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