Woman wearing hearing aid and holding dogYou’re on track to better hearing, but wearing new hearing aids isn’t always easy. Like you, each hearing aid is unique and requires special adjustments to meet your needs.

Hearing Aids Have An Adjustment Period

Your new hearing devices may feel uncomfortable at first, and you notice sounds like birds chirping or a clocking ticking are distracting. Keep in mind your ears haven’t been taking in all of your surroundings for some time, and now they’re being loaded with stimuli.

Give your ears time to adjust to the new physical sensation of your devices and your brain time to adjust to more auditory signals. You’re hearing will progress as you adjust, but remember, inconsistent use can impede progress.

Consistent Use Trains Your Brain

Your brain needs constant stimulation to stay in shape. Hearing loss deteriorates your brain’s auditory cortex because it doesn’t have sufficient activity. Wearing hearing aids clears the cobwebs from those gears and gets things moving again.

As you connect the sounds from your ears to your brain it begins to relearn noises it’s “forgotten.” Wearing your hearing aids each day in different listening environments – in a restaurant, at work, or in the car – will reintroduce background sounds to your brain.

It’s not unusual for the world to seem loud with new hearing aids, so give yours ears a break for a few minutes each day.

How Hearing Aids Improves Health

The more you wear your hearing aids, the more comfortable they will feel. And that has important ramifications.

Wearing hearing aids can:

  • Improve your social life and relationships with better communication
  • Help you to understand and adhere to medical advice
  • Provide access to emergency alerts and connectivity services
  • Lower your risk of mental decline and depression
  • Improve your balance and decrease fall risks

Do What’s Best For You

There’s no universal rule for how to wear new hearing aids, so create a plan that’s best for you. If you’re straining to hear conversations because your new hearing aids are picking up background noise, take a break.

Go at your own pace and set a hearing schedule for yourself. Progress doesn’t have to move fast, so set hearing goals for yourself each day and stick to them.

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