Costco Hearing AidsThe answer depends on your needs. Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids improve accessibility for those with hearing loss. These devices are cheaper than professional hearing aids, but you may still miss out on the benefits of visiting an audiologist.

OTC Hearing Aids

OTC hearing aids are available at the pharmacy or big-box stores and don’t necessarily require a hearing test for purchase. However, the usual process includes conducting a hearing test to assess your hearing health. You’ll then select the hearing aid that meets your needs – if it’s available.  The wrong hearing aids for your individual hearing needs can cause more damage than good. 


Investing in Hearing Aids Responsibly

Indiana University’s study suggested OTC hearing aid wearers may have benefited from their use, but they missed out on the advantages of an audiologist.

Reap the benefits an audiologist has to offer, including:

It’s the audiologist’s responsibility to find and fit the perfect pair of hearing aids. Most professional hearing aids are custom fit to your ears for optimal comfort.

Audiologists can also adjust your device and its capabilities to match your unique listening environments. But purchasing OTC hearing aids put the pressure on you, so you must do your research before purchasing a pair. Choosing the wrong pair of OTC devices can exacerbate your hearing loss.

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