Image of man shoveling snow.Winter’s extreme temperature and humidity swings between the outdoors and heated buildings can wreak havoc on your hearing aids.

Your devices require special care and attention during this season to combat the condensation that can form inside them due to the frequent temperature changes. Condensation can lead to static buildup or harm their functionality.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions in northern New Jersey offers the following tips to take care of your hearing aids this winter:

 1. Keep your ears covered: To keep the temperature from swinging too wildly from a comfortable temperature inside to below freezing outdoors, wear a hat or earmuffs to protect your hearing aids. Having a coat with a hood will help ensure you always have some ear protection on you.

2. Sweat and cold temps don’t mix: If you’re going to be hitting the slopes, going for a brisk walk or run, it may be best to leave your hearing aids at home. Moisture can easily make its way into your devices, where it can damage their inner workings.

3. Don’t leave them in the cold: Hearing aids should not be left in your vehicle or any unheated location in the winter. Keep track of where they are if you’re not wearing them, preferably on your person so they are not subjected to extreme temperature shifts.

4. Be good to your batteries: Hearing aid batteries can lose power with extreme temperature changes. Store them indoors in a temperature-controlled space. Wipe your batteries down regularly to keep them dry.

5. Take quick action: If your hearing aids stop working, it could be due to condensation buildup. Try opening the battery compartment to allow the condensation to evaporate. If that doesn’t correct the problem, try the following:

  • Direct a fan directly onto the hearing aid.
  • Place the hearing aid in a bowl of rice overnight to remove moisture.
  • Use a hearing aid dehumidifier.

If your hearing aids are still not working, you may want to bring them in to a professional for review and repair. For more information, call Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions at 888.573.6412 or contact us online.