Image of Widex EVOKE F2 hearing aid and Iphone.Like most other modern devices, hearing aids are embracing technology, giving them capabilities that weren’t even considered not so long ago.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions carries a number of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that take hearing technology to another level, able to make a reduction in background noise and an improvement in directional amplification of sounds you want to hear.

Hearing aids are increasingly becoming more connected, relying more on smartphone hearing options to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. Wireless connectivity essentially turns hearing aids into personal earphones, capable of streaming straight from your smart device.



The EVOKE from Widex was one of the early “smart” hearing aids, making your listening experiences more intelligent in a number of ways. The EVOKE learns from different hearing situations, changing its responses to different noises through its Fluid Sound Analyzer.

To maximize the device’s smartphone hearing capabilities, download the EVOKE app. The app lets the wearer control streaming volume, adjust the directional focus of amplification, add locations for automatic selections, alter the pitch of sounds (bass, treble, and middle) using the equalizer, and let the hearing aid automatically adjust to the noise environment. 

Oticon Opn & Connect

Image of OticonOPN Soundscape hearing aid.Oticon’s Opn is one of the most popular hearing aids in the world for a reason – actually, for numerous reasons.

For one, its lightning-fast processing speed helps understand speech up to 30% better, easing the strain of the listening process on your brain. Because the Opn is rechargeable, you can save up to 200 disposable batteries each year.

The hearing aid’s Tinnitus SoundSupport system helps manage the ringing in your ears. The Opn’s telecoil technology lets the listener be connected to the speaker wherever a loop system is installed. Oticon’s ConnectClip allows you to stream music from your smartphone, make hands-free phone calls and use a remote microphone to listen to a speaker in the distance.

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