couple laughing 300x200Hearing loss is a family matter, as it affects everyone who regularly communicates with the person.

May is Better Hearing Month – it’s the perfect time to accompany your hard-of-hearing family member to a meeting with a hearing healthcare professional at one of our five Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions locations in New Jersey.

A 2014 study discovered that many family members attending audiology appointments show a strong desire to be involved in the patient’s care and share their experiences of their hearing impairment. The study findings suggested the importance and need for family-centered care in audiology services.

There are several benefits to attending a hearing screening with your loved one.


Insight into hearing loss

As a family member trying to communicate with someone with a hearing impairment, you know as much as anyone how it affects their daily life. The patient may not even realize the extent of the problem, as they simply do not know what they’re missing because they can’t hear it.

A person with hearing loss may not realize they have been turning up the volume on the television to levels uncomfortable for others in the room, for example. An audiologist can take that information and make adjustments to their hearing aids and treatment plan.

Support system

Having a loved one along on an appointment can calm nerves and help digest all of the information discussed at the screening.

You can both get tested

Even if you don’t notice diminished hearing, it occurs over time and you may not even notice the early signs of hearing loss. If your loved one is apprehensive about the appointment, getting your hearing tested as well will help make them feel more comfortable with the process.

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