teacher in classroomFor teachers with hearing loss, leading a classroom of energetic young minds (and bodies) can prove challenging, but a little preparation can go a long way in making the teaching honor roll.

older woman talking with audiologistThe best way to fight cognitive decline in the later years of life may just be to keep your ears and eyes strong.

About 10% of Americans have some degree of hearing loss at the age of 40. That number increases significantly as we age – about 33% of those over 65 and nearly 50% of those over 75 have a hearing impairment.

woman looking into distanceDid you know that for those older than 60 years, the risk of dementia is closely related to the severity of hearing loss?  Research indicates that hearing difficulties, social isolation and shared brain function pathways may require that more cognitive resources be applied to hear, reducing those available for working memory. 

Image of man walking with caneDid you know... 67% of emergency room visits by adults ages 65+ are for falls? Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for older adults.

Research indicates the reason why hearing loss can increase the risk of falls.  Those with hearing challenges may have:

Senior couple talkingMany people think hearing problems affect only the person experiencing them, but anyone who knows and loves someone with the condition knows that’s not the case.