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Spring is near! The flowers will be in bloom, the birds will be returning from their trip south, and children will be spending more time outside.

You may be opening your windows more to enjoy the breeze. However, if you’re experiencing hearing loss, you’re missing out on all the wonderful sounds of the season.

ZPower Rechargeable Hearing AidsNearly every hearing aid manufacturer provides a rechargeable hearing device option. The team at Audiology and Hearing Aid Solutions in New Jersey is available to answer any questions you have, and share why you should consider a rechargeable hearing device if you’re purchasing hearing aids.

Below, we explain the difference between the two types of rechargeable batteries: lithium-ion and silver-zinc.

family in snowWintertime.  A time of holiday gatherings, sledding, building snowmen or bundling up on the couch with your favorite book or movie.

The sounds of snow crunching under your feet, carolers singing, and the jingling bells on holiday wreaths are nostalgic sounds that many look forward to every year.  However, if you’re experiencing hearing loss, you’re missing out on all these wonderful sounds.  

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As a musician, it’s important to hear your music clearly without damaging your hearing health.

At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions we have earbuds designed to reduce noise volume while preserving the quality of the sound you hear. These plugs are ideal for everyone from high school garage bands, to those who perform weekend gigs and tour professionally.

To meet with our professionals and see which products are best for your situation, send us a message or call 888-573-6412

es beauty 5 tropical High-end earbuds can share clear, crisp sounding music. But many people listen to music at damaging decibel levels because their earbuds don’t fit properly.

Custom Westone earbuds from Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions can help you hear music clearly while blocking background noises so you don’t have to turn up the volume. Many people even forget they’re wearing earbuds because they fit so well.

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