Audiologist examining patient earWe hear sounds at different pitches in each ear, but they’re usually able to work together to send a single signal to our brains. But some people experience a disconcerting sensation in which their ears don’t seem to align with each other. Diplacusis is a form of hearing loss that causes you to hear a noise as two different sounds.

Audiologist 300It’s a reasonable question considering hearing loss is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the United States. There is no quick fix to reverse your hearing loss, but you may be able to restore some of your hearing with the right treatment.

Audiologist giving male patient social distant hearing examPrioritizing your hearing has many benefits for your overall health and will help you stay connected to your loved ones.

Good Nutrition Can Decrease Your Risk for Hearing LossYour ears rely on a well-balanced diet to function correctly, and it may also decrease your risk for hearing loss.

senior man at holiday partyHoliday gatherings can be challenging for those with hearing loss. Being a part of a conversation with your loved ones as you celebrate the season is one of the most meaningful things you can do during the holidays.