Two senior men talking in the parkDo conversations leave you feeling fatigued, or do you find yourself straining to hear over the din of ambient noise? You may suffer from listening fatigue, especially if you have untreated hearing loss.

Costco Hearing AidsThe answer depends on your needs. Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids improve accessibility for those with hearing loss. These devices are cheaper than professional hearing aids, but you may still miss out on the benefits of visiting an audiologist.

OTC Hearing Aids

OTC hearing aids are available at the pharmacy or big-box stores and don’t necessarily require a hearing test for purchase. However, the usual process includes conducting a hearing test to assess your hearing health. You’ll then select the hearing aid that meets your needs – if it’s available.  The wrong hearing aids for your individual hearing needs can cause more damage than good. 

Image of Granddaughter and grandmother at retirement home.Finding the right assisted living facility is a task. It can become even more complicated when you or a loved one are deaf or experience hearing loss. Here are a few things you should look for when visiting a deaf-friendly assisted living facility.

Image of man playing chessYour brain will physically and neurologically change as soon as you start losing your hearing. Our brains reshape and rewire themselves as we age. Your auditory cortex will start to repurpose itself without audio signals. Here’s how hearing loss affects your brain.

The Brain’s Shape And Wiring

Noise damage, illness, infections, ototoxic medications, head trauma. These comorbidities can damage the hearing receptors in your ears. The tissue of the auditory cortex begins to shrink with age, but the rate accelerates once your ears stop sending signals to your brain.

Image of Woman driving.There’s nothing better than cruising with your windows down during the peak of summer. Unfortunately, wind resistance, the radio, and traffic noise can cause hearing loss.

Open Windows And Hearing Loss

Exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can damage your hearing. Driving with your windows down exposes your ears 89 dB and higher.

Driving with your windows open also creates drag that cuts into your mile-per-gallon efficiency. So, while using your air conditioning uses extra fuel, it may save you some money and your ears some damage.