Signia Hearing Aids


Signia remains committed to innovative hearing aid technology through a complete product line to meet every need and preference. They offer a wide selection from many different styles and performance features: attractive RIC hearing aids, versatile hearing instruments, discreet ITE devices and swift fit click CiCs.


Features and Accessories available:

HD Music - The HD Music program delivers a superb listening experience.  Three settings; "Recorded Music," "Live Music," and "Musician," to deliver a fuller, richer sound in any musical situation. 


SpeechMaster - Highlights speech in every listening situation.  Primax Star deploys a harmonious range of sophisticated technologies to ensure effortless hearing in a wide variety of listening environments.


easyTek App - lets wearers change programs, adjust the volume or stream audio easily and conveniently.


myControl App - In addition to providing outstanding audiological performance, the app allows wearers to change programs and adjust the volume, as well as, stream music and phone calls directly to Primax hearing aids. Uses iPhone motion sensors.


myHearing App - Lets wearers easily adjust volume, programs, Spatial Configurator, SoundBalance control, tinnitus therapy.



Product Lines

  • Styletto X - Styletto X uses Signia Xperience technology for quality speech comprehension in any sound environment. The sleek design offers a refined fit, and the wireless charger provides you with an on-the-go power supply.
  • Silk X - The Silk X silicone Click Sleeves come in four sizes, so your devices fit comfortably and snuggly in your ears. The Silk X’s small design will allow you to make calls and wear over-ear headphones with ease.
  • Pure 312 X - You’ll never have to worry about missing the little things with the Pure 312 X. Signia Xperience technology analyzes your environment and adjusts your devices to deliver a tailored sound experience. The rounded form fits comfortably behind your ear and boasts a sleek, metallic design.
  • Pure Charge & Go X - Hear what matters with your ultimate rechargeable hearing aids.
  • CROS - The CROS hearing solutions offer customizable devices for single-sided deafness. CROS is available for behind-the-ear and in-the-ear devices with customizable settings and Bluetooth connectivity. Control your CROS devices with the Signia app.