Illustration of one person talking and the other not able to hearHow Hearing Aids Work

Hearing loss rarely affects all pitches equally.


Most hearing loss may make only the high frequencies inaudible, but because these pitches contain the information necessary to understand words, the result is muffled speech that’s loud enough to hear but not clear enough to comprehend.


Because hearing aid processors automatically adjust several million times per second, hearing aids can cure this by amplifying the signals you are missing. Now, the high-frequency sounds can be heard, and sounds you can hear without hearing aids remain unamplified.


Amplification Improves Sound Recognition

The selective amplification found in modern hearing aids restores a fuller range of sounds to the language-based areas of the brain. This increases information and reduces the time and effort required by the brain to comprehend missed conversations caused by hearing loss.


As the hearing aid user continues to wear their devices, their listening skills improve as the brain learns to recognize the forgotten sounds and their meaning. To learn more about how hearing aids work, contact our offices in Clifton, Haskell, Mahwah, Morristown, Paramus, and Pompton Plains, NJ, today.